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Over The Fence Comedy Short Film Festival Trailer

2021 Trailer

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2021 Program

Over The Fence Comedy Film Festival
The Circle of Life
(South Australia / 7.00) After believing they’d missed their chance at parenthood, a loving couple make a discovery that reignites their hope. ‘1 sperm &...
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Baby At Any Price
(Bébé à tout prix)    (France / 11.34)  Proud of having a child, a father commits himself to taking care of the baby. Then begins a nightmarish...
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It’s A Balloon
(NSW / 3.02) When a young boy finds a mysterious wrapper in the woods, things soon begin to unravel for his parents. “ah.. very.. special...
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Joy Of Growing Pineapples
(UK / 7.42) Welcome to Terry's Great Guide To Gardening- we follow Terry as he explains to us how to grow a pineapple. Things do...
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The Robbery
(Canada / 10.10)  “The Robbery” is a comedic short film about two teams of gunmen who simultaneously stick-up the same convenience store. Awkwardness grows as...
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Gratitude in A Jar
(US / 2.41) Two grateful women from different eras find that some things never change. “ - At the 99 cent store. 99 cents? That’s...
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The Hit
(US / 7.12) When a hardened hit woman falls for her suicidal mark, she learns that having it all may come with collateral damage. “...
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Good ol’ Bernie
(France / 11.00) Just retired Bernie has only one goal left: win the next regional game of race walking! “You’re no spring chicken.”   Co Director...
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The Witch and The Baby
(Russia / 4.45) An ageing witch needs a baby for a spell to make her young again. But when she brings home an infant princess...
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(US / 17.16) Mutiny! is a swashbuckling, action-adventure comedy featuring a progressive Captain dealing with a crew that's set in their old ways— all while...
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The Day Of The Coyote
(UK / 4.06) A coldly efficient hitman, with a politician in his sights, finds that ACME aren’t the best company to supply sniper’s rifles. ‘Take...
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The Feathers
(UK / 2.47)   A short film about depression and hope.   Two friends get together for a coffee. Mike tells his friend he's been feeling...
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Maroon Bomber
(US / 9.57)   Four siblings delve into the love they share for the family’s old, beat up truck. This love gets tested. “Funniness is...
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(Vic / 4.39)   When boredom strikes, two old friends play a game. What seems to be a fun way to pass the time is...
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(Canada / 4.00)   Its COVID 19 and children are now forced to communicate regularly with their Grandparents... “We run out of toilet paper again.”...
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From A Strange Land
(UK 7.01)   An inquisitive retiree surprises her new neighbours to say hello; what she wasn't expecting is that they would all be naked. A...
Read More "From A Strange Land"

About OTF

Over the Fence Comedy Film Festival

OTF aims to celebrate new and independent filmmakers, their comic masterpieces and their excellent sense of humour. We are committed to encouraging and stimulating comedy film production worldwide, and to producing a festival which celebrates, entertains & inspires through comedy.
We are a grassroots festival dedicated to championing the indie & new filmmakers – who are the starting point of a flourishing filmmaking industry. We aim to create of a vibrant, stimulating, inspiring environment for filmmakers & audiences, and, to bring laughter, thought, &  joy to people.
Our mission is to offer a refreshing challenge to people’s ideas of ‘what comedy is’, to give our audience a whole new experience of the way in which funny stories can be told through a the wide variety of filmmaking styles, genres, and, from all countries across the world!

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