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18th OTF selection 2015/16


Open House   (US)

Dir – Marisha Murkujee    Prod – Deb Hiett & Marisha Murkujee     Script –  Deb Hiett

Cast –  Carrie Barrett, Herbert Russell & Deb Hiett

Synopsis – A house hunting couple and a real estate agent say exactly what they’re thinking. Listening not required.


Flowers  (UK)

Dir & Script –  Sabina Sattar   Prod – Monica Kocain & Sabina Sattar

Cast –  Will Green & Marian Elizabeth

Synopsis –  A boy falls in love with a deaf and mute girl and has to find a way to communicate his feelings for her.


Gumtree (Australia)

Dir – Chris Wilde     Prod & Script –  Emma Leonard & Chris Wilde     Cast –  Jimmy Sargent & Emma Leonard

Synopsis –  When Sarah advertises for a new “roomie” she is determined not to repeat mistakes of 
the past. Ian seems like the perfect, fun-loving housemate eager to please. However, can they find a way to live together or will history repeat itself?


Love and Commando (France)

Dir & Script – Laurent Ardoint and Stéphane Duprat   Prod – Laurent Ardoint    Cast –  Stephane Duprat & 
Diane Montcharmont

Synopsis – September 1944. After a dangerous mission, Lieutenant Steve Douglas goes to the infirmary, where he meets a lovely nurse, Nathalie. They fall in love. But it’s difficult for Steve to reconcile his duty of being a soldier and his love life.


Thundercluck: Chicken of Thor  (US)

Dir, Prod, Script, Animation – Paul Tillery    Key Cast –  Dandy Barrett

Synopsis – This film chronicles the birth, life, and legacy of Thundercluck, the viking chicken with the power of thunder.     Half mortal. Half god. All natural chicken.



Till Jail Do Us Part   (Puerto Rico)

Dir – Joserro Emmanuelli & Mariana Emmanuelli    Script – Joserro Emmanuelli      Prod –  Maria Jose Delgado

Cast –  Cristian Miranda, Fabiola Casa, Eddie Valdes

Synopsis  A dark comedy short in which the characters aren’t trying to be intentionally funny, because they do not think that the situation in which they are in is a laughing matter. The fact that they take their situation seriously keeps an air of tension while enhancing the comicality.


My Kingdom   (US)

Dir, Prod & Script – Debra Solomon    Key Cast –  Jane Curtin

Synopsis – An animated, musical, not-so-meditative meditation on the nature of personal space…



Noddy  (Australia)

Dir –  Ben Plazer      Script – Ann Murison    Prod – Ann Murison & Ben Plazer   Cast –  Justin Hoskin

Synopsis – The Prime Minister’s personal Noddy becomes so good at blending into the background he finds himself disappearing from everyday life.



Once Upon A Time In Nazi Germany (UK)

Dir, Prod & Script – Huw Samuel     Cast –  Danz Black, Callum Scott Walker. Huw Samuel

Synopsis – When 2 American soldiers are captured during WW11, their fears of Nazis becomes a reality when officers interrogate them about an elusive Chinese Spy.



Pussy Chronicles (Germany)

Dir, Prod & Script – Julia Limpert    Cast –  Emma Drogunova & Nastaja Revvo

Synopsis –  Jenny meets her girl friend at a café. She receives a phone pic of a ‘dick’ from an ‘admirer’, the waiter grabs his, and the girl’s conversation goes – “what would you do if you had a ‘dick’?”


In The Bag  (Canada)

Dir, Prod & Script – Cole Northey      Cast –  Conor Gomez 
Vanessa Gibeau 
Thomas Noonan 
Michael Northey

Synopsis – Dan, a likeable and well intentioned guy, who gets caught up in a whirlwind of panic and deceit after an accidental murder. Flight always wins over fight as Dan tears through the night hiding evidence from the victim’s wife, Julie. Julie meanwhile, has other intentions for her night as she seeks sensual comfort from the hysterical Dan.


Fixed (Australia)

Dir – Codey Wilson & Burleigh Smith    Prod – Rob Viney & Burleigh SmithCast –  Amara Harnisch, Paul Treasure, Alitia Harnisch

Synopsis – Jemimah is five years old and desperate for her dog, Tilly, to have puppies.  When she learns her parents plan to have Tilly desexed, Jemimah embarks on a quest to get Tilly pregnant.


All You Do Is Shag (Spain)

Dir & Script – Manu Bueno      Prod – Sandra Frade     Cast –  Ana Morgade  & 
Jorge Marrón

Synopsis – A romantic dinner on an ordinary day. Sometimes and only sometimes good is bad and the other way around. Every little detail, every nice gesture, every delightful comment will end up ruining coexistence. Prepare yourself for a crazy-epic fight.


The Final Scene (UK)

Dir, Prod & Script –  Mark Pressdee      Cast –   Carissa Wagner

Synopsis – When shooting the last scene of the film is distracted by the audience.

The 18th Over The Fence Comedy Film Festival National Tour 

Closes in Darwin 2016.

Fourteen comedy filmmaker’s from around the world show their bold, fantastic & wild imaginings in short films, and, each work is laced with an ‘excellent sense of humour’, laughter, and joy!
         And the theme this year is ; 
‘It’s a Big, Bad World Out There’ 
In this edition we see cheeky, mischievous comedy filmmakers re-interpreting just what goes on out there! …. From a kid’s world of getting your dog to have pups, to entering politics and losing your soul and so much more…


The 18th Over The Fence Tour …. Coming!

Town /State Venue Tix Date

Final Screening of 2016!!!

Deckchair Cinema Fri 11 November

You’ve missed….

Town /State Venue Date
 Perth,  WA  The Backlot Perth  -4 screenings –                  Fri 29 July –  Sun 31 July
Newman. WA Newman Recreation Centre Wed 4 May
Port Hedland, WA Matt Dann Theatre Sat 7 May
Onslow, WA MPA Sat 7 May
Broome, WA Sun Pictures Sat 7 May
Yepoon, Qld Yepoon Town Hall Fri 22 April
Nimbin, NSW Bush Theatre Fri 22 April
Busselton, WA Orana Cinema Wed 18 May
Albany, WA Orana Cinema Wed 18 May
Kalgoolie, WA Orana Cinema Wed 18 May
Geraldton, WA Orana Cinema Wed 18 May
Morley, WA Mean Machine Sat 13 Aug
Esperance,                        WA Esperance Civic Centre Sun 10 July  – 2 screenings –                   2pm + 7pm
Denmark, WA   Community Centre  Sat 27 August
Proserpine,    Qld Proserpine Entertainment    Sat 22 October
Capella, Qld Capella Cultural Centre  Fri 28 October
Birmingham,UK Mockingbird Cinema  Thurs 10 November

Some reviews from a taster media screening we held at the 18th OTF launch –

18th OTF review here.

The movies selected ranged from all over the world including one filmed in Armadale, Perth! Doesn’t get much more local to this gal who grew up in Mt. Nasura. This years festival theme being “It’s a Big Bad World Out There”, an underlying sense that flows through all of the films screened. This was seen through Thor-chickens, Nazis, robbers & their wedding and even politicians.       Jenn R

Thank you so much … Over The Fence Comedy Film Festival for organising such a funny, entertaining and thought provoking “teaser”. My favorite films were Once Upon A Time In Nazi Germany, Flowers and Fixed!   

I loved the diversity of the films that ranged from a cartoon about a mythical chicken to a couple fighting because they are so perfect together!

I can’t wait to watch the full roster of films and I will definitely recommend it to all my friends and family!                   Vanessa G

It was a good collection of short films suiting all different types of humour. I particularly liked the restaurant short film where the husband and wife are complaining about each others habits as if the woman has the mans role in life and visa versa. Very clever.
The funniest film of the night for me was To Jail do we part. 
…  I let out some loud chuckles. My girlfriend Tania certainly enjoyed the mix of different styles of comedy and showed her appreciation with loud laughs. 
Great way to show off the comedy and ideas from very very talented local and overseas writers and filmmakers.. Steve O.

Screening opportunities available from February – September 30 2016!

– NB. Dates and times your choice.         

Official voting for Most Popular Film via our website.

How it all works 

‘We’ will provide you with electronic artwork to be used in your own promotional material, media releases, press photos, MC script (optional), website presence, and two DVD copies of the festival.

Some filmmakers may be available for radio/press interview on request, as will the festival organisers.  (The program runs for 105 mins, and we recommend you include a 10-15 min intermission break).

‘You’ will be required to provide the venue, DVD screening equipment (generally a DVD player, video projector, screen and sound system) and personnel (eg, projectionist, front of house staff, bar staff, MC).

You will also be responsible for any local publicity & promotions deemed necessary for the success of the screening in your centre and the associated costs, plus a fee to be selected from the following options:

$440 flat fee, $220 plus 20% GBO, or 50/50% GBO split.

Feel free to contact either of us with any queries. Alternatively, you can fill in the booking form scan and email it back to our office to secure your participation.

Further information regarding the films in this year’s program is available upon request.

18th OTF Venue Info + booking form


Key words used in reference to the Festival.12 keywords

Some feedback so far from Opening Night….

  • Damn good!
  •  Thank you for having this – excellent
  • Love it – straight to the point!
  • Really enjoyed it.
  • Very enjoyable. First timer.
  • Congrats! Already looking forward to next year.
  • Excellent selection all very clever and entertaining
  • Great! Love international films.
  • Very good to have a mix of films from so many different countries.
  • Excellent mix of comedy. Thoroughly enjoyed.
  • Intelligent, savvy, some excellent skills and great fun!
  •  Voice over is by far the best film. However Stop Leak is the funniest.
  •  Fantastic group of short films. Well worth the time to visit.
  •  More fun than a night with beautiful woman, wine , meal on a tropical island, well almost.
  •  Thanks for giving film makers another platform to get their work out there.
  •  All good bring it on!
  •  All great, very hard to choose! Great job
  •  Funny, fantastic, quirky. Thanks
  •  Awesome again OTF & team! Loved the variety & can’t wait til next year!
  • Cant believe we hadn’t heard of festival before!! Great selection of films even if some were a little strange – think smelliest poo & stop leak.
  •  The most fun i have had all week.
  • Voice over was shot so well, beautiful movie.

The 17th  Programme.

1.    Makeover

(Australia 7 mins)
Director, Producer & Writer –  Don  Percy
Cast – Tom Travers, Charlie Ranger, Kristen Condon and Rita Crispen

Lonely widower Horrie undertakes an unconventional home-style makeover for a blind date. 

2.      Acrophobia  

(Puerto Rico 3.32 mins)
Director, Producer & Writer – H. J.  Leonard
Producer – Nirvania  Quesada
Cast – Robi Arce, Maria Victoria Martinez and Efain Pintor

Tommy is seeing a psych about a reoccurring awkward dream, and to his surprise the remedy is way worse.

3.     5 Ways to Die

(Cyprus 15.05 mins)
Director/ Producer –  Daina  Papadaki
Writer – Fanos Christophides
Cast – Michalis Marinos, Stela Fyrogeni, Kristie Papadopoulos, Andreas Araouzos and Effie Papatheodorou

Makis explores different ways of death, struggling to achieve the most ideal result.

4.       Smelliest Poo in the World

(UK 8.28 mins)
Director & Writer – Paul Blacknell Producer – Ernest Riera
Cast – Martin McCreadie

Simon is out for a challenge with nothing between his ears and mischief in his eyes….

5.     Young Heart

(Australia 6.05 mins)
Director –  Christian Kennedy
Producer – Dean Kennedy
Writer –  Christian & Dean Kennedy
Cast – Brodie McClennan, Steve Kilarski, Graham Young, Michael Bellombra, Jessica Hegarty, Julia Wheeler and Sean Conway

Vince Winterborne was once a dull and boring old man. Losing his wife he slipped into a life full of regret & bitterness. His heart eventually gave out and he was given a transplant. Miraculously his new heart brings something he never though he had – living life to the ‘max’.

6.     Stop Leak

(Australia 7.36 mins)
Director, Producer & Writer –  Dan White
Cast –Clinton Haines, Zoe Kelly

At an awkward first lunch at his girlfriend’s parents place, Willy finds himself trapped in a rare and terrifying situation.


7.   Voice Over

(France/Spain 9.40 mins)
Director – Martin Rosete
Producer – Koldo  Zuazua
Writer –  Luiso  Berdejo 
Cast – Feodor Atkine (VO) Jonasthan D. Mellor 

A voice over guides us through 3 extreem situations which are actually the same…. Will he survive….

8.    Forget Me Not
(UK 9.30 mins)
Director – Michael Beddoes
Producer – Michael Beddoes, Briony Redman & Amer Iqbal
Writer – Briony Redman
Cast – Richard Soames, Briony Redman, Katharine Bennett-Fox.

Relationships can be hard. Especially when one of you can’t remember you had one.


9.  Oh, baby! Baby?

(US/South Korea 5.47 mins)
Director & Writer –  Sungho Ahn
Producer – Chiung-wen Chang & John Ciccarelli
Cast – Amanda Buffington, Marc La Roya, Elba Soto-Quinones, Martinez

My babies can’t swim!


10.     November

(Germany 5 mins)
Director, Producer & Writer – Eric Esser

November brings with it a creeping damp cold and fog. And spiritual reflections from a downtrodden creature….

11.     Scincerity

Spain 5 mins)
Director, Producer & Writer – Andrea Casaseca
Cast Kiti Manver, Gerald Fillmore & Javier Laorden

After lunch, David must confess the news to his parents. What he still doesn’t know is the impact it will have in them.

12.      Love at First Sight 

(UK 14 mins)
Director, Producer & Writer –  Mark Playne
Cast Shane Zaza, Francesca Binefa

  A heart warming story of a lonely young man and his increasingly creative attempts to attract the eye of the girl of his dreams.






16th Over The Fence

Comedy Film Festival

And this years Festival is all about

This year’s program offers insight into the minds of comic filmmakers on the nature, peculiarity and madness of “Death, Love, and Desire”.

Their visions take us on one wild ride that will have you proud to be a human being in one moment, to the point that leaves you pondering mankind’s absurdities. And they don’t stop there – these filmmakers delve deep looking at the peculiar ways humans can be … well… “human”.  With all our foibles!

These insightful visions come from filmmakers in Spain, Canada, Germany, UK, US and Australia, and all with a delicious celebration of ‘Death, Love, and Desire’.

But, a warning – there are ‘bloody’ moments, …. that are just “bloody funny!”

Come,  join us in OTF’s  ‘World of Comedy Shorts’.


1.    Judges

Australia (NSW), 7 minutes

Director & Writer Matt Goodrich   Producer Michael Nicholls    Cast  Ben Adams, Damien Vennell, Erin Klein, Keith Gordon, Michelle Merenda, Steve Hayden

A group of six inept short film judges must race against the clock to select the finalists for this year’s competition.


2.      Afghan  

Canada.  5 mins

Director, Writer, Produce; Pardis Parker  Cast; Mark Little & Pardis Parker

An afternoon surprise forces two friends to make the best of a bad situation. Afghan is an award-winning short film about hate crimes, humour and friendship.

3.     Funny Webcam Effects

Spain. 2 mins

Writer, Producer, Director  Néstor Fernández   Cast  Javier Botet

Dealing with bad news when you playing with a new toy…. Sometimes its irresistible.


4.       Titanic Love

UK. 22 mins

Writer, Producer, Director; Mark Pressdee  Cast; Alex Edwardson, Susannah Felicty Wells

Lucy has found a Titanic Love cruise and wants to relive the Hollywood dream. Jack does not, they can’t afford it and Lucy is furious. Their relationship hits rough waters and Jack calls on best friend Delroy for advice and a cheap alternative. True to form, Delroy and his trusty sidekick Jaz have a cunning plan, but can disaster be averted?

5.     No Respire

Spain. 2 Mins

Director, Writer, Producer and Actor; Ricky Merino

Who hasn’t held their breath under water? We hardly ever pass a minute but… what if it’s just not a game? This is the story of a man who determined to break his own record in his bathtub, and immerses himself in the ghosts of his past  with one objective: to find the mermaid. All he has to do is “don’t breathe, she will come…”


6.     House Cocktail

UK  2mins.

Writer, Producer, Director; James Kibbey  Cast; Mark Chavez, Laura Haddock, Shenoah Allen

A likeable loser uses his imagination to outwit a sinister barman and win the affections of the girl of his dreams. Will the intangible win out against the tangible?

7.        Now, That’s Cute

USA. 2.28 Mins

Director; Mark Nickelsburg Writer; Aaron Ballard Producer; Raymond McAnally  Cast Christina Norris, Aaron Ballard, Lacy J. Dunn

Sometimes some things are just so cute, they must be destroyed! It’s a bad day at the office when Nancy, an otherwise genteel office – worker, goes on a rampage destroying all things cute ….

8.   Pain in the Keyhole.

Australia (SA). 7 Mins

Writer, Producer, Director;  Kurt Roberts   Cast;   David Collins

After David finds a note in his mailbox, he follows the simple instructions of swallowing the key to receive the treasure. Unfortunately David discovers the key unlocks more than just treasure. David will do anything to unlock the treasure chest…. Anything….’



9.    The Things My Father Never Taught Me

Australia (WA) 7 mins

Writer / Director: Burleigh Smith Producers: Jennah Bannear, Peter McIntosh  Cast; Burleigh Smith, Aiden Papamihail, Bridie Carter

Melvin gives dating advice to his three-year-old son.  He teaches him to dress well, act with confidence and spend time with the right crowd.  The results are disastrous.  And then Melvin meets Mary, an attractive single mother, and his womanising skills are put to the test.

10.     Best of Both Worlds

USA. 13  Mins

Writer, Director; Michael Dunker   Producer; David Lawson   Cast; Alex Ruiz, Emily Button, Kevin Brooks

Struggling to find a normal woman, Charlie meets Michelle one night, and questions if he can accept the ‘Best of Both Worlds’ when she reveals she turns into a guy named Michael during the day.

11.     The Train

Canada. 1.5 Mins

Director, Writer, Produce; Pardis Parker  Cast; Colin Mochrie & Pardis Parker

Peter learns a valuable lesson on the train ride home from work – one person’s funny line may not be everyone’s….


12       Ringwood

Australia (Vic) 6.45 mins

Director & Writer Megan Palinkas  Producer; Pennie Brown  Cast;  Simon Russell, Cassandra Magrath, Scott Major

Waiting for a delayed train at the most notorious station in Melbourne, Chris is about to make some new friends – whether he wants to or not.

13.     Division Azul

Spain.  12.46 mins

Director & Writer; Sergi Marti  Producer; Jordi Abarca  Cast; Marc Martínez & Álvaro Cervantes

Leningrad, summer 1943 -
German attempts to conquer the strategic city of Leningrad have failed miserably. 
Hitler, desperate, plays his last available card: ‘Mission Spark’. 
But to carry out the mission he will need his best men. He will need the Spanish soldiers of the BLUE DIVISION.

14.    ‘max x’  – The Camera

Germany. 2 mins

Writer, Producer, Director & Actor; Dave Packer

Episode ‘The New Camera – max x.’ tries out his new digital camera. But, surprise, surprise, things don’t go as planned. ‘max x.’ – a hapless hero in the daily struggle for survival.

15.   Future Histories

Australia (NSW).  7 mins

Director; Team Effort  Producer; Rachel Jansen  Cast; Michael Sloan, Henry Stone, Greg Larsen, Sam Campbell

Neil Armstrong is from the future, must pass his final History Exam. Unfortunately for Neil, time travelling to the past is not as unique as it sounds…..




  Calling all COMEDY Filmmakers of the World!

The 17th Over The Fence Comedy Film Festival’s


 Now Open

One Criteria


Got one, thought of one, making one?

Get  cracking!!

Short Films1 – 15 Minutes Long Shorts -Features16- 70 Minutes
Early Bird29 October ‘13 closed closed
Regular Deadline14 January ‘14 closed closed
Late Deadline 5 May ‘14 closed closed
Extended Deadline 23 July ‘14 $40 $55

more info



The 16th Over The Fence Comedy Film Festival


 Vote for Most Popular Film

is touring….

And this years Festival is all about


This year’s program offers insight into the minds of comic filmmakers on the nature, peculiarity and madness of “Death, Love, and Desire”.

Their visions take us on one wild ride that will have you proud to be a human being in one moment, to the point that leaves you pondering mankind’s absurdities. And they don’t stop there – these filmmakers delve deep looking at the peculiar ways humans can be … well… “human”.  With all our foibles!

These insightful visions come from filmmakers in Spain, Canada, Germany, UK, US and Australia, and all with a delicious celebration of ‘Death, Love, and Desire’.

But, a warning – there are ‘bloody’ moments, …. that are just “bloody funny!”

Come,  join us in OTF’s  ‘World of Comedy Shorts’.

Coming UP!

OTF in the UK!!  in Birmingham – Fri 4 & Sat 5  July 2014.

Murdoch University – 5 pm start, Tues 29 July 2014

Yepoon Arts, Qld – Fri 8 August 2014

Details to come!!

Some feedback so far….

  • Great range of films – keep going, looking forward to next year. Thanks
  •  More foreign films. Excellent experience.
  •  Great shots Great actors Great ideas
  •  Thanks for giving film makers another platform to get their work out there.
  •  Hard to rank them. Very different but full of imagination.
  •  More publicity & appeal to groups. Good to have a packed theatre.
  •  cool cool cool 🙂
  •  Excellent afternoon
  •  Fantastic enjoyed it so much. Good laugh
  •  Thoroughly enjoyable!! Had a great laugh but also very thought provoking.
  •  A great selection. Keep it up.
  •  awesome effort to the organizers and the folks that makes this happen! enjoyed it!
  •  Thanks for putting together a varied interesting and funny collection.
  • OMG So funny
  • Congrats! Already looking forward to next year.
  • Great effort! Entertaining!
  • Great night thank you! Get the word out more for next year 🙂





 The 17th Over The Fence Comedy Film Festival 2014

will tour across the land.

 And your venue can be part of it!

 More info –  On Tour

NB. In Australia the program has a Exemption from Classification 15+.



OTF “is one of the most dynamic, irreverent short film festivals in Australia… it never fails to entertain, enrich and – occasionally – offend, which is pretty much the measure of a great festival.”

Mick Elliot filmmaker

“This is the best short film fest in Australia!”

Audience member.




Over The Fence Comedy Film Festival

Program 15


The 15th Over The Fence Comedy Film Festival  is

strong, wrong, bad, bizarre, absurd, cheeky,

confronting and most of all, it has a 

wicked sense of humour!

(Click Title or Picture for sneak preview.)

1. Remake

Australia (VIC), 6.14 minutes

D: Chris Tomkins, P: Marisa Brown. Cast: Joshua Cameron, Geoff Paine.

A smash and grab robbery takes an unexpected twist..


2. Spoilt Broth

United Kingdom, 4.52 minutes

D: Toby Roberts, P: Moritz Wessendorff. Cast: Gary Whelan, Oliver Korittke, Megan Gay

He ain’t got money for “Scheiße Bier!”


3. Paper Rounds

Australia (QLD), 5.39 minutes

D: Team effort

P: Rachael Janssen

Keith Patterson reflects on his chosen career..


4. Ca Promet

France, 11.15 minutes

D: Christophe Garnier. P: Mathieu Hussenot. Cast: Yassin Azzouz, Florent Aumaitre, Akim Zeboudi

Three ‘losers’ on a career path.



5. Hard Rubbish

Australia (VIC), 6.37 minutes

D: Steve Mitchell, P: Angela Lee    Cast: Luke Stephens, Menik Gooneratne

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.



6. Naptime!

USA, 2.48 minutes

D & P: Chris Capel.  Cast: Asif Ali, Mallory Moye, Taylore Orci

Stop your children from throwing tantrums instantly!


7. Believe The Dance

Norway, 14.32 minutes

D: Thomas Berg, P: John Iver Berg & Charles Grantham.   Cast: John Iver Berg & Charles Grantham

When life is a rut changes can come from surprising places..



8. Mandella

Canada, 4.50 minutes

D & P: Dan Abramovici. Cast: Andrea Fletcher, Dan Abramovici, Geoff Hendry

Fun fact you might not know about a Mandella: He is a PARTY animal.



9. Vinagre Y Bombones

Spain. 2.32 minutes

D. Jesús Plaza P. Eduardo Moises Escribano Solera  Cast: Daniel Perez Prada & Lara De Miguel.

An ordinary evening in the supermarket.



10.  Die Weiße Mücke

Germany 15.30 minutes

D: Marco Gadge, P: Marco Gadge, Martin Lobst  Cast: Carsten Strauch, Fritz Roth, Marie Gruber

The lives of two policemen in a quiet provincial town are about to change.



11. Kitchen Sink Drama

Australia (VIC), 4.54 minutes

D: Nicholas Clifford, P: Michael Ciccone.  Cast: Jason Perini, Kate McNamara, Jesse Rosenfeld

Aaron is going to propose to Stacey finds out that playing a joke might not be the best way to do this.


12. Awkward Goodnight

Canada, 1.49 minutes

D: Mike Flyer, P: Dan Abramovici  Cast: Dan Abramovici, Anrea Fletcher

Sometimes that perfect Hollywood kiss exist only in his mind.



13. Bip Bip

Canada, 4.34 minutes

D: Philippe Gregoire P: Andrew Przybytkowski.  Cast: Caroline Therriault & Francis Cantin

Francis wants to sleep, But Caroline’s watch goes ” Bip, Bip”.


14. Gun Happy

Canada, 6.30 minutes

D: Jay Molloy P: Alan Moy, Derek Liscoumb  Cast: Chad Dobbin, Devon Upham, Dave Flaherty.

Jim shows off his new toy to his roommate Colin, unfortunately for Colin the new toy is a shiny handgun.

15. Connected

United Kingdom, 8.10 minutes

D: Chris Connatty P:Mike Elliott & Hayley Williams.  Cast: Kevin Eldon, Miles Jupp

If it doesn’t work, it does not necessarily mean that it’s broken..





The Winners of the 13th Over The Fence.

The Over the Fence Comedy Film Festival has completed it year of touring and the vote is counted.

This years winners are an amazing collage of humour and wild imaginings.

Thanks to all the filmmakers whose films were selected – 2010 will be regarded as a vintage year – Congratulations!


Most Popular Short Film 2010

1st place

Germany (Australia)

Director: Venetia Taylor, Producer: Daniel Prypchan

2nd place

King Jeff (UK)

Director: Phil Dale, Producer: Julia Hilliard

3rd place   –  joint winners

Blind Date (Australia)

Director: Chris Ramos, Producers: Chris Ramos & Tony Chu


Nemesis (Norway)

Director: Stian Hafstad, Producer: Tuva Gaarder Nordlie


Best Short Film 2010

1st place

King Jeff (UK)

Director: Phil Dale, Producer: Julia Hilliard

2nd place

Germany (Australia)

Director: Venetia Taylor, Producer: Daniel Prypchan

3rd place

Liten Penis (Norway)

Director: Stian Hafstad,  Producer: Kristian Stakset-Gundersen


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The 13th OTF Program 2010

Blind Date (NSW, Australia) 7:30 min

Director: Chris Ramos

Cast: Andrea Demetriades, Don Christopher & Eve Morey

One bar, one evening – when you’re looking for love, nothing’s allowed to get in the way.

Nemesis (Norway) 10 min

Director: Stian Hafstad

Cast: Trond Giesel Gil, Anders McAuley

Arne is convinced he has superpowers…he just hasn’t found them yet.Maybe an archenemy will help him uncover his true destiny?

Correspondence (Vic, Australia) 15 min

Director: Oliver Waghorn

Cast: Chris Haywood

After responding to some poorly addressed mail with a written complaint, Quentin Samuels soon finds his routine lifestyle unraveling before him…

Twelve Apples and a Wrench (USA) 2:30 min

Director: Adrian Garcia

If you don’t respect nature, why should it respect you?

Singer-Songwriter (WA, Australia) 7 min

Director: Vincenzo Perella & Dan Osborn

Cast: Mark Storen, Damon Lockwood, Bridget Turner

Jason Bray, singer-songwriter, writes from the heart. Usually the songs come easily, until a travelling songstress threatens to change everything.

Germany (NSW, Australia) 7 min

Director: Venetia Taylor

Cast: Ben Raglione, Helen Tonkin, Jan Langford-Penny

When Ben Skypes home from Germany he finds things have changed.

King Jeff (UK) 13 min

Director: Phil Dale

Cast: Ben Crompton, Jeremy Swift

King Jeff has a crown, and a cloak, and a kingdom. All is well, untilhis kingdom is besieged by the tyrannical, evil King Mike. Will King Jeff prevail?

How It’s Done (UK) 9 min

Director: Michael O’Kelly

Cast: Steve Furst, Nina Conti, Simon Manyonda

A pathetic man fears the overheard flirtation behind him on the bus. Will he ever muster the courage to make a change?

Early Checkout (NSW, Australia) 7 min

Dir: Tim Lounsbury

Cast: Dustin Clare, Clarke Richards, Peta Sergeant, Jacki Weaver

Chris is woken by his terrified best mate, Dan, who has accidentally killed a girl. Tired, and a little hungover, the two friends attempt to get rid of the body.

In the Key of Evil (Canada) 12 min

Director: Kelly McLeod

Cast: Mitch Pollock, Chelsey Reist

Indie musician James is going electric but his acoustic piano is not going to let him go so easily.

Liten Penis (Norway) 7:30 min

Director: Stian Hafstad

Cast: Tom Larsen, Vegard Andre Skarheim

Small Penis is the story of Daniel, and the support group which changes his life.

Feature Films

The Be All and End All (London) 97 mins

Directed by Bruce Webb, starring Eugene Byrne & Josh Bolt

What do you do when you’re 15 and dying for it? Robbie has only one thing on his 15 year old mind: losing his virginity. Problem is, he’s in hospital with a fatal heart condition. Who has to overcome the odds and help him fulfill his final wish? His best mate, Ziggy.

Dot.Com (Portugal) 103 mins

Directed by Luis Galvao Teles, Starring Joao Tempera, Maria Adanez, Isabel Abrev, Marco Delgado (Subtitles)

A small Portuguese village is threatened with a 500,000 Euro lawsuit if they don’t shut down their website. Amidst the media circus that erupts when they refuse, the residents of this small village – who are not even sure of what the internet is – are forced to defend their website and their village’s honour.

Best Movie, Best Director and Audience Award – Kimera Film Festival 2009

Small Crime (Greece) 85 mins

Directed by Christos Georgiou, Starring Aris Servetalis, Viki Papdopolou (Subtitles)

Leonidas, a young police graduate, dreans of solving serious crimes in the big city, when all he does is fruitlessly chase traffic offenders on a small sleepy island in the Aegean. But two things are about to change his life forever – a local man is found dead at the bottom of a cliff, and Angelikis, the island’s most beautiful and famous daughter, arrives on the island.

My Suicide (USA) 106 min

Directed by David Lee Miller, Starring Gabriel Sunday, Brooke Nevin, David Carradine, Joe Mantegna, Mariel Hemmingway, Nora Dunn

A dark, romantic teen comedy about Archie Williams, an isolated high school geek, who becomes the most popular kid in the school when he announces that he’s going to kill himself on camera for his final video class project.

The 12th OTF Program 2009

Gluteus Maximus

Sydney, Australia – 4 min
Director: Mick Elliot & Brendan Cook
Cast: Voiced by David Baldwin & Troy Planet

The animated history of the man behind mankind’s behind.


Asnieres-sur-Seine, France – 8 min
Director: Fabrice Maruca
Cast: Didier Brice, Guilaine Londez, Juliette Poissonnier

A romantic attempt at birthday wishes goes terribly wrong, landing an attentive husband in very deep water.

The Egg

Sydney, Australia – 6:49 min
Director: Ben Damon
Cast: Ari Mattes, Matt Potter, Trudi-Ann Tierney

A tasty glimpse into suburban Australia, set within the cut-throat world of greyhound racing.

Luck of the Irish

Adelaide, Australia – 7 min
Director: Michael Zeitz
Cast: Eddie White, Joshua Jaeger

Floyd, the unluckiest man alive, lives next door to a Felix, an unusually lucky Irishman. One day, Floyd discovers the source of Felix’s luck, and his whole world changes.


Adelaide, Australia – 9:52 min
Director: Michael Zeitz
Cast: Nathan O’Keefe, David Rock

Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes through to the bone. A twisting, turning road trip comedy that will make you laugh and cringe.

A Bit of Counselling

Los Angeles, USA – 6:46 min
Dir/Prod: Deb Hiett & Richard Kuhlman
Cast: Deb Hiett & Richard Kuhlman

A couple seeking help for a very unusual problem find an equally unusual solution.


Perth, Australia – 6:22 min
Director: Luke Hadley
Cast: Costa Ronin, Maggie Anketell, Luke Hewitt, Luciano Vecchio

Yuri, a young Russian man, enlists the help of a random group of strangers after losing the keys to his father’s car, with heart-warming and surprising results.

Les Couillons

Liege, Belgium – 15:45min
Director: Mahieu Edouard
Cast: Clement Manuel, Genevieve Baerten, Qantin Meert

Gaetan is doing everything he can to make his girlfriend leave him, because he is too weak to do it himself…


Ontario, Canada – 4:37 min
Director: David Baas

The penguins in the Antarctic are facing an ecological disaster, and it may have cataclysmic results for the rest of the world.

Rock Lobster

Adelaide, Australia – 7:00 min
Dir: Amy Handley
Cast: Kieren McNamara, Nina Pearce

Everyone makes fun of Wayne. Then he meets Ingrid, and suddenly things are looking up. Can love draw Wayne out of his shell?


Ontario, Canada – 7:30 min
Director: Jay Molloy
Cast: Daniel Rose, Matt Olmstead

Billed by its director as the “Greatest Curling Zombie Film Ever Made”.

The 11th OTF Program 2008

Silencer (QLD, Australia)

John ‘Tiny’ Smalls has a job to do: whack his best mate, Slim, who just happens to be the coldest killer in the business. When a puzzling third party arrives, both men’s worlds turn upside down.

Animal Instinct (SA, Australia)

An action packed claymation of epic proportions. A cow and a sheep battle it out in a fight for ultimate farmyard supremacy.

Nobody Likes a Mime (Ontario, Canada)

Stranded in the middle of nowhere, a Mime sits next to his broken down car. No one stops for him except his rival and arch nemesis, the Clown.

Edgar and Elizabeth (WA, Australia)

Workplace attraction has never been so dangerous.

That Cow Film (VIC, Australia)

A farmer. A field. A cow?

Bubbles (California, USA)

A coming of age comedy where a mother tries to teach her daughter a life lesson but learns one of her own.

Shit Happens (VIC, Australia)

Smuggling the drugs IN turned out to be the easy part…

Bad Timing (VIC, Australia)

The red or the blue wire? With seconds remaining to diffuse a bomb, Chris makes his move.

You Better Watch Out (SA, Australia)

There comes a time in every person’s life when they stop believing in Santa. What happens when Santa himself stops believing?

Peanut Butter Fish Pockets (Vancouver, Canada)

Did you ever wonder what REALLY happened to the fish you know who rejected?

The Long Wooden Tobogganist (Winnepeg, Canada)

Sex, violence and wood…followed by hot chocolate. Such is a day in the life of this rare and beautiful creature, The Long Wooden Tobogganist.

The Note (London, UK)

A well honed, quirky film telling the story of a guy who follows the advice of the note in his hand.

Richard (NSW, Australia)

Meet Richard, an ordinary guy striving to keep his head up in the face of adversity.

No Regrets, No Remorse (Qld, Australia)

Through a musical journey of discovery at Uncle Flynn’s wake, three friends realise how short life is and how to make the most of it in the time they have.